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You can expect a lot of new things from us here at FLTTA.

You  can reach us by email at info@fltta.org
This will be the NEWGY photo, information, and update page.

The Florida Grass-roots table tennis association was created in March and started developing events and programs May 2014.

We are creating program sponsorships that include the NEWGY Robot, equipment, Ping pong 101 clinics, etc...

One of our first annual sponsors is an investment firm that has purchased a few malls, etc... on the right side of this page you will see the malls flyer.

The mall (in Orlando) will be opening a full-time club where people may play every day. Below you will see multiple photos of two events that have already been done there. A 2 day fathers day event and back to school event 8/3/14. We will be running a fun community event on 11/8/14 also. We had the local Big Brother and Big Sister organization also promote the last event. A Orlando YMCA is also interested in getting involved.

One of the sponsorships included 8 NEWGY barriers, so that NEWGY will  receive year around exposure at this mall, and they are purchasing a NEWGY robot.

The news article aged me by 10 year;-) They have down at 46, but I'm 36.
News article


Exposure since this may

  1. Donated a 1040 for a paralympic organization silent auction fundraiser in April. We are running a clinic and tournament 12/6/14 at their facility. We may be teaming up with the Wounded Warriors. Already have other local handicap organization interested in getting involved.

  2. We are creating a program following January for their athletes.

  3. We are also helping them run the 2015 Dixie Games which is a regional Paralympic event. They have the only full-time Paralympic facility in Central & West Florida

  4. Created an annual mall sponsorship which has helped develop upcoming programs. We did a fun Father day event, a back to school community clinic 8/3/14, and a fun community tournament 11/8/14

  5. Helping out with the Hillsborough county parks and recreation senior games

  6. We are working on developing new programs in January at Multiple county parts with their Regional program director

  7. Helping out Urban Conga create new programs in downtown through the Tampa Bay community. We will be conducting multiple festivals and fun community events.

  8. Teaming up again with the Pinellas County Education Foundation with there large fundraiser they do in December. You will see photos from last year with NEWGY proudly represented.

  9. We have 7 high school with programs now, and the goals it to set up a few more new programs. The barriers will slowly be divided between these groups and schools maximizing NEWGY exposure.

  10. Waiting for the date but once we have it we will be teaming up with the Shriners' with their annual No limits event.

  11. I'm working on a few things to have a more of a year round fixer at their hospital. Their international head quarters are based here in Tampa

  12. Next week I should have a better feel if I will be running a breast cancel  fundraising festival next to the pink Table you will see below. We will have a table with a robot at this festival

  13. We should have our official 501c3 October. Once that happens I will be booking and creating many festivals throughout Tampa bay to act as a fundraiser. I have over 100 vendors & we will always have a table and robot at them. I figure, I have a lot of experience and enjoy putting on these kind of event, so why not help market and raise funds for our sport by running them. I will be collaborating with non-profits throughout the the Tampa Bay community on many of these.

  14. Many other things are in the works. I will keep you posted.



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