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Marvin & Caron Leff Bring Table Tennis to:


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You  can reach us by email at info@fltta.org or contact us directly @ (727) 744-9427


1996 Inductees

Marvin Leff


Marty Prager

Laszlo "Laci" Bellak


Olga Soltesz


Joseph Newgarden

Harry H. Blair

2006 Inductees

Bard Brenner



Greg Gingold

Terese Terranova

Caron Leff


Fred Fuhrman

First pair of multiple family members inducted into the Florida Hall of Fame

Caron & Marvin Leff

2009 Hall of Fame Dinner

Terese Terranova (Hall of Fame Committee) Presenting Harry McFarland his inductees plaque


First Hall Of Fame Dinner

Harry McFarland (Inductee), Terese Terranova (Hall of Fame committee), & Michael McFarland (State Director)

2009 Inductees

Harry McFarland

Jerry Thrasher


Randy Hess


Beverlyn Patterson
Second pair of multiple Family members inducted into the Florida Hall of Fame

 Randy Hess & Beverlyn Patterson




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