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Good Day Orlando with David Martin

Special thank you to FOX 35 & Good Day Orlando with David Martin
For their support of the community, community club, and upcoming event!


Come out and Play!


Good Day Orlando @ West Oaks Mall Table Tennis Club:

Arrival: 7:00AM


Hit Times...


8:00AM (Good Day Orlando!! Shout out)

8:09AM (:20 play ball)

8:19AM (:20 play ball)

8:23AM (2:30 play ball long segment)

8:30AM (4:00 play ball Facebook Live)

8:40AM (studio trivia game)

8:55AM (play ball recap and goodbye)

9:00AM (Good Day Orlando!! Shout out)

9:08 (:20 play ball Short tease)

9:19 (:20 play ball Short tease)

9:23 (2:30 play ball long segment)


For more information or questions contact us at info@fltta.org
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