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Marvin & Caron Leff Bring Table Tennis to:

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You can expect a lot of new things from us here at FLTTA.

You  can reach us by email at info@fltta.org or contact us directly @ (727) 744-9427

Caron Leff was appointed as an Ambassador of the ITTF Museum in 2006, the first woman to receive this honor.  Such appointments are highly selective and are based on outstanding service to the Museum.  Her special donations, coordination with others for arranging donations, and constant, well-connected support for the ITTF Museum and its mission makes her uniquely qualified to be an Ambassador of the Museum.

We are fortunate to have Caron on our team, and look forward to her continued support.

Chuck Hoey, Curator
ITTF Museum

We are truly fortunate to have such a wonderful volunteer in Florida. With her life time of tireless support and hard work to our community. We deeply share Chuck Hoey's true and kind words as she continues to support and donates so much of her time to Florida table tennis.


Michael McFarland

FLTTA, State Director

Caron Leff:

  • Co-Founder Miami Table Tennis Club 1966
  • USTTA (now USATT) Southern Regional Director, 1975 - 1978
  • Ranked #3 in Woman's, State of Florida 1966
  • Media Director of 5 WS Opens, 1980's
  • Local Liaison to USATT Executive Committee for Florida
  • Fund Raising for US Opens, 1980's
  • Author of "Caron's Corner" in "Table Tennis Topics", 1970's - 1980's
  • Co-Founder Florida State Table Tennis Hall of Fame 1996
  • Appointed as an Ambassador of the ITTF Museum in 2006, the first woman to receive this honor. 




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