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The Florida Table Tennis Association’s (FLTTA) purpose is to work together with United States of America Table Tennis (USATT), National Collegiate Table Tennis Association (NCTTA), and communities to develop all aspects of our sport. The FLTTA main focus is to develop strong grass-root programs, state scholarship program, clubs, senior activities, and tournaments throughout the state of Florida. Last, the FLTTA will be working together with the USATT, NCTTA, and communities to develop all aspects of our sport throughout Florida.   More...                       Spanish/Español



Title:  Table Tennis Spectacular
Bio: Amazing table tennis.



Title: Terminal Tennis
Bio: College table tennis teams are delayed after the 2007 NCTTA Collegiate National Championship at the Columbus International Airport and they find a way to pass the time.


Title: Matrix Ping Pong
Bio: A stage drama presented on a Japanese television show depicting to martial artists playing ping pong.



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